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Leed Corporate Services

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We at Leed are specialists at providing aviators, aviation maintenance teams, aviation training, movement coordination of personnel and equipment, reconnaissance, personnel recovery and medical evacuation. Leed is a leader in providing employees that are highly trained and qualified in aerial eradications, manual eradications, interdiction support, air assault, border security, external load movements, forward resupply missions, aerial transportation of personnel and cargo, Search and Rescue, disabled aircraft recovery, armed helicopter escorting, maintenance test flights, aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and verification, functional areas of flight operations, aircraft maintenance, logistical support, safety compliance, and training support.

At Leed we pride ourselves in reaching our customers vision, mission and goals. We strive to be the best at providing all levels of aviation services. We are highly experienced in providing safe, secure and flexible aviation support to manage the aviation needs of our customers.

Our customers find that we provide a high level of aviation management capabilities, expertise and resources. Our employees have performed in several overseas nations under conditions that have been non-permissive and austere in the support of counter-terrorism efforts and US and foreign military operations. Leeds recruits and retains a highly adaptable, technically competent and diverse workforce. We have years of experience at recruiting and retaining exceptional aviation professionals. Our success at supporting our professionals’ needs to balance work-life with home-life in the extremist of conditions around the world ensures a fresh and motivated workforce.